The above links to the local High Adventure Council web sites can give you an insight how your Council operates. If you search the web, you will find many more High Adventure Teams in other parts of our state.

Below is a link to the Area 4 High Adventure calendar.  It is not up to date at the present time.  We will be adding more information for you, including fliers for you to download.

Area 4 HAT Calendar

High Adventure Training

Thank you for your Scouting interest in High Adventure. Your Council High Adventure Teams are here to give you additional training for having a safe and fun time on your outings. Our training is one of the requirements for obtaining the High Adventure Awards. Outing Leader Training, is required for obtaining awards from the Cub Scout Awards and some of the Boys Scout Awards. It is also a prerequisite for the Basic Backpacking training. Basic Backpacking (Blue Card) is required for obtaining the Boy Scout Awards. HAT also offers our youth Scout/Venture members, Outdoor Leader Training.

Training is essential for the protection of our youth (and our fellow Scouters). We encourage you to get as much training as you can, even if you do not go on the outings, you can pass on your knowledge to the others in your unit for them to have a fun and safe time.

Some additional Training offered from HAT

Winter, Desert, Astronomy, Cycling, Bear Aware, Rock Climbing, Snow Shoeing, Trail Boss, Water Trek, Nordic (cross-country) Skiing, Orienteering, Snow & Ice Travel and more.


High Adventure Awards

Many awards are available for Boy/Venture/Cub/Girl Scouts to earn. The awards are divided into 2 categories, Cub Scouts and Scouts/Venturers. The High Adventure Awards books are in PDF format for you to download. They are listed below. Also listed are some of the Councils HAT application forms, additional forms are posted for awards that require them.  You may use your local Council's HAT Award Application to apply for an award from another Council.

Each award states who is eligible to earn that particular award. Some of the Cub Scout awards can be earned by Den Chiefs.

Awards must be pre-approved by a HAT Counselor, if stated in the award requirements. This is to assure that you understand the requirements for obtaining the award. This will save a lot of problems in the future. Each High Adventure Team has a list of local Counselors for you to choose from. You can use your local Counselors even for awards from other Councils.

First Aid

One of the requirements on some of the awards is having at least one participant trained in First Aid/CPR. Current BSA regulations now state depending upon the outing, it may require that the group have current training in WFA and CPR.  The basic guideline to this is that access to EMS is longer than 60 minutes.  Wilderness and Remote First Aid (WFA), is a 16 hour course offered by instructors from the American Red Cross and/or Emergency Care & Safety Institute.  The course is valid for 2 years. In addition to the course, you must have a current CPR card. We highly suggest that all of the members in your unit be trained in at least Basic First Aid and CPR. Most instructors will allow a boy who is 12 years old with Scoutmasters approval to attend a Basic First Aid class.. Wilderness and Remote First Aid requires participants to be at least 14 years of age. In addition to the required training, ARC/ECSI instructors offer an Emergency Medical Response Course. This course is 60 hours+ and includes Wilderness and Remote First Aid/CPR/AED (qualifies you as a, "First Responder").

High Adventure Award Books

Cub Scout Awards  (October 2017)

Scout/Venturer Awards (January 2018)

High Adventure Award Applications

Western Los Angeles County Council

Greater Los Angeles Area Council

California Inland Empire Council

Ventura County Council

Long Beach Council

San Diego - Imperial County Council

Verdugo Hills Council

Orange County Council

Los Padres Council

Other High Adventure Award forms

Den Hike Report

Form HA3010

Backpack Application

Conservation Award Log

Hike Plan (prerequisite for some awards)

Mini-Peak Bagger award record

Trail Profile/Trail Schedule, menu

Front Country Guidelines


It is important that our HAT members receive information from their units. We are all Scouters and want to provide you with the training you need. If there is more that we can do for you, please contact your local HAT Council Chairman. Listed on this site are the emails of your local HAT Chairpersons.

HAT Chairpersons

Western Los Angeles County Council

Greater Los Angeles
 Area Council
Steve Dodson


Verdugo Hills Council
Dave Decker
Orange County Council
Dennis Crockett doctorscoutmaster


San Diego-Imperial Council Bob Niderost


California Inland Empire Council
Cynthia Blessum


Ventura County Council
Rich Rasmussen

Southern Sierra Council
Cindy Basham

San Gabriel Valley Council
Now part of Greater Los Angeles Area Council

Long Beach Area Council John Giese